Bige Petroleum Limited (BPL), formerly known as Fuel Drum Management Services Limited, was established in 2005 with a view to providing efficient and reliable fuel distribution services. Initially, the focus was to distribute fuel and lubricant products within the National Capital District. Over the past few years the nature of business that we have been involved in has steadily expanded. The Company then changed its name to Bige Petroleum Limited on 23rd November 2009.

The sole shareholder and director of the company is Mr John Endiken Bige. Mr Bige ventured into this business with a wealth of experience in the petroleum industry after being employed with Trans Melanesian Marine and later with BP Oil as their leading hand at their Kanudi terminal prior to it being purchased by InterOil PNG Limited. Mr Bige left formal employment in 2005 basically for personal reasons but more so to establish this vibrant nationally owned company.

The company from its humble beginning had grown to at this stage with annual turnover in millions of both litres and Kina. It can be considered that it is the leading company apart from the service stations in the provision of fuel drums to numerous clients within NCD, Central, Gulf and the Western Province.

BPL provides a wide selection of branded fuel and lubricant products just like Mobil, Puma Energy, Niugini Oil, and Total Oil. We offer competitive prices and reliable delivery for all our fuel products. As with the other wholesalers, Bige also has excess to the Napanapa Refinery where we all obtain our fuel to supply the market.

In less than 12 years, BPL has gone from serving a handful of “walk-in” customers within NCD to providing fuel and lubricants to more than 1000 customers within NCD and throughout the SouthernRegion.

Many have multiple locations. Word-of-mouth and referrals are among BPL’s most important ways of finding new customers.

Our customers whether small or big are very important to us and so we ensure that we deliver the best service that is expected of us on time and efficiently. Because of BPL’s well known customer first priority, the company receives a healthy dose of new clients wishing to experience the honest and ethical service in this industry that is hard to come across.